Monday, February 27, 2017

I DID IT!!!!!!!

I have served a full time 18 month mission for my Savior! I did it! How do I feel? SO TIRED!
But really, I am so overcome with emotion. I just burst in to tears randomly.. This mission has meant everything to me. I have changed so much! The Lord has taught me so much! And the most amazing gift of all is that I am whole. I have been healed. I am happy. I know that it wasn't necessarily my name tag that changed me, but it was following the Lord and keeping the commandments. It took me wearing a nametag to really do that. My mission has saved me and I am so excited to start the rest of my life with the things I know now! I can't wait to keep learning and progressing and learning. This life is a gift and we are supposed to enjoy it. Following Christ is so fun.

I am so excited to see me family. I got up at the pulpit yesterday and told my branch family about when I had been set apart, I sat in a room with my family and a member of the Stake Presidency and I was asked to bear my testimony. I told my family how I loved them all so much, but even though I loved them, I knew that I needed to go. I had to share what I knew to be true with God's children in West Texas and East New Mexico (of all places). But I felt like I had to do the same thing to them. I loved each one of those members so much, but I knew I needed to go. My mission was my family now. I bore testimony of the Atonement. It is real and it makes us happy. It has made me happy.

Then after church, my Spanish Gospel Principles class members threw me a fiesta. They sang "Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos" (God be with you til we meet again) and there was so much food.. Then this guy gave me a new Tablet, hahaha. So I got freaked out and I threw it in my suitcase.

I had my departing interview with President Heap and it was so awesome. He is hilarious and my best friend. He gave me dating advice, ahaha. I am so blessed to have served with him. He told me he only lives 2 and a half hours away from BYU-I and that I was always welcome in their home :)

Today and tomorrow are going to be insane.. I get to go to the temple Tuesday night with all the departing missionaries and President and Sister Heap. I have to get up at like 4:30 to get ready and then catch a plane. It will be a crazy day! ALso, Mom, I am never eating again! Everybody had stuffed me full of food and love this last transfer and especially my last week.. You'll have to roll me on home and tuck me in bed for 2 weeks. :)
 I love you all so much. SEE YOU WEDNESDAY!
Con amor,
Hermana Kynaston