Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I played Volleyball with my district this morning. i scraped my elbow. (because no one would let me be on their team so i did a hand stand in the coner of the court and i fell on my elbow) 

My cute Hermanas

My and my companion cutie pie
fave part of the day is laying in my bed. Nothing has changed ;)

*I tried to picture your face last night so I wouldnt laugh during the district prayer but I just started laughing even harder. 


Well ,this is my second to last P day! CRAZY! On the 5th, i will be flying out to TEXAS! I am so excited, i love the CCM, but it will be nice to be back in America. I am starving.
So something that is insanely awkward happened to me and Heavenly Father today. I went to bless my food and i said "Pier 49 this is..." AND THEN i was like so embarrassed, so I tried again and said "Padre Celestial, this is Savan....." WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?
It has been a loooong week. To explain JUST how long it had been, last night we had a devotional like we always do on Tuesday nights, and we are in this big auditorium listening to the speaker and I am totally zoned out because I was so dang tired. So I am just kind of slouched in my chair in the corner of the room. And about an hour into it, the President of the MTC COMES OFF the stand in the front and walks down the aisle to my row of chairs and goes, "Hermana! Hermana! Are you okay? Are you sick?!" And I was like so confused so I just looked at him for a while (My companion was DYING at this point) and I'm like, "Oh yeah, i am just really tired...." And then he just looked at me all concerned and walked back up to the stand and was like whispering with his wife... hahah. So apparently I just looked like death. So embarrassing. 
Spanish is picking up! This week has consisted of a TON of fasting and prayer. I leave in 2 weeks and I want to have a way better grip on the language than I do now. I have been studying my bum off! that's probably why i look so dang tired all the time, haha. Or the fact that i am extremely malnourished because I just eat nutella sandwiches or fruit loops for every meal.
So thanks mom for always telling me what meals you are eating at home. It makes me feel really good. ;) Also thanks for the crayons you sent me like the 2nd day here. I use them EVERY single day. i have drawn so many pictures and cards for people and they work really well for marking scriptures and giving my district plenty of opportunities to make fun of how I say "Crans". whate'r
What else happened this week.. So my companion and i were giving this GREAT lesson to our investigator and then I was like trying to talk about how important prayer is and how I always have a prayer in my heart or mind. And i accidently reffered to my HEAD as a NECK TIE! And so he started to bust out laughing.. and so when it was time to say the closing prayer, guess who wasn´t able to compose herself to pray. I tried 3 TIMES to calm down and say the prayer but we were laughing so hard.. Yikes. hard week for H.K. The investigator was cool, he understood. if this happens to me in the field, I don´t know what I will do. 
My night teacher is THE DANG BEST. His name is Hermana Aguiñiga and our whole district is obsessed with him. He is so small and goofy. And brings a water bottle full of milk to class every day, ahah. And theonly English slang he knows is "check it" and he uses it all the time. He is helping me so much in Spanish. i can almost go a whole class period talking in solo Español! I can´t wait to skype you on Christmas and talk to you in my flawless Esp. ;) I actually think i will be able to call you from the airport on the 5th, so that will be great.
Mom, i know you think it is just HILARIOUS that I am in the choir, but I love it. i sing ALL the time here (surprise, surprise) My districts main songs we sing are High School Musical, Les Mis (Duh) (even some of the elders who havent seen the movie know the songs because we sing them so often), and the articles of faith! #checkit
So this week we got to see the most ROCKIN´devo from Elder Holland. It was about the history of Preach my Gospel and what it was like before it. It was really cool. He talked about how when the Savior had left, Peter, and the rest of the apostle gang, didn´t really know what to do.. and they had all just been converts for a little while, and now that their Savoir had gone.. they just sort of went back to fishing. Then when they were out fishing, they could catch a single thing. they saw a man on the shore that was telling them to cast to like the right side of the boat, and when they did so, they couldn´t even pull in their nets because they were so full of fish! Then they realized who was on shore and Peter jumped out of the boat and swam to Him. Jesus later asked Peter, "peter, do you love me more than your fish and boats?" And Peter is like, of courrse! And Jesus asked him again, "Peter, do you love me?" And Peter is like, Yes Lord. And Jesus probably looked at Him for a little and asked him a third time, "Peter, do you love me?" And Peter, all humble, replies, Yes Lord. "Then feed my sheep." And Holland goes on to explain that this i what it is all about. Do we love Him!? THEN FEED HIS SHEEP! Don´t you DARE go back to your nets! We haven´t been called to only serve him for 2 years. We are called to serve Him forever. Holland yells How DARE missionaries go back to their nets after serving the Lord for two years. How dare they fall away. How can they look their converts in the eye again. (Holland is intense) We need to forget about ourselves and SERVE. Look at Holland, 40 years later from his mission, and he is still serving. 
Richard g Scott died and I am way sad about that. 
EVERYBODY! You need to go read ether 12 today. It is the best ever. Please, say a little prayer before you read for Heavenly Father to let you know what you need to do better. I love you guys so much. I love this gospel so much. It is true. no matter what. I know that Heavenly Father is there, and answers our prayers. i know that Jesus suffered more than we can ever comprehend, FOR US! I know He lives. We can do anything through Him. i know that the Book of Mormon is true and was inspired to be written for us, in this day. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Oh i guess I could have written that in Spanish.. Oh well. I COULD HAVE though

They love when I draw hands ahah. THX for the crayons.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Letter from today  Third Pday! ;)

little funny things first:
1.the thunder is so loud that it sounds like a gun being shot right next to your head

2. i am crazing chocolate so dang badly. Thankyou for the packages and letters. you dont know how happy they make me and how much better thet make my days. i love hearing from you. i read every single letter you give outloud to my district and they love you so much ahahah. they think our family is hilarious. 

3.The gospel is true no matter what. no matter what happens in our lives, no matter who loses faith in it, it is ALWAYS (Siempre) true (verdadero). We are children of a loving Heavenly Father.

4. VIVA MEXICO! (In all seriousness though, i have been driving around Mexico city like all day today and i am SO glad i am going to the states after this. It looks like one big giant haunted house here. Cracked paint, cement houses, old bricks, shattered glass shards on the roofs to keep people off htem, razor wire, graffiti, garbage everywhere, bad roads.... Oh my.. Viva America. And American food

5.lso my companion (top bunk) has these scabs on her ankles and at night, she picks and picks at them and drops them onto my bed. (bottom bunk) 

WELL everyone, I made it another week.. haha, I love it here though. i am so  beyond tired because I had to get up at 5:30to go to the temple this morning. Which was so awesome, but now I am just so tired... So sorry if this is like the worst email. 
Mexico has sure had a fun week. Their temple was re-dedicated on Sunday and they had this HUGE celebration, and yesterday was their Dia de Indepencia! And they went insane. Seriously, windows were rattling. VIVA MEXICO
The temple was so beautiful and so big. They had like tons of escalators inside. I'll attach some photos.
Side note: this week should have been called the week of uncontrollable laughter. Not from things actually being funny, but the kind of laughter that comes from total exhaustion and stress... Got to love those Kynaston genes. it sort of started to rub off on my district. Every time we kneel down in a circle to pray, we all just BUST out laughing during the prayer. It is impossible to hold in laughter during a prayer. And when you sing in the choir, or when you watch a really sad movie about pioneers, and during testimony meeting, and when you go to the doctors and two old men are 2 inches from your face with a flashlight and a tongue depresser looking down your throat and they keep telling you to stop laughing but you cant so they just send you home. Ahh, a good week.
We are playing a game in my class called La Nativa (The native) and we pick one person o speak SOLO ESPAÑOL and the teachers are trying to guess who that person is, so the rest of us have to speak in only Spanish too. It's rough and my classes are sure quiet, but it is good practice.
Mom, an old Latino taught me how to fold fitted sheets this week. YAY. Also good news, the Hermanas here LOVE all the poop jokes I know. They get a real kick out of them. 
Spanish is coming along.. it is so hard though. I get really down on myself when i am teaching a lesson and I feel like i am not able to get my point acrossed. i seriously love this gospel more than anything and I know just how much it can help and change lives but it is so hard to teach someone that when you CANT TALK TO THEM! I have just praying really hard to develope patience. Patience with myself and learning the language, patient with the Lord in His blessings and promises, patient with others... i didn´t realize how big of a control freak I was until i got out here! Everytime we teach investigators here, i just take over the whole lesson and barely let my compañera get in an "Hola.."
Speaking of investigators, Hermana Huxford and I were able to teach REAL investigators this week! It was so awesome. We couldnt understand a single word, but we shared our tesimonies in Spanish and the spirit was so strong and everyone in the room was bawling. We have some really good days here at the CCM ;)
The food here is still pretty gross, but all the Hermanas and I joke about how one day we will love the food and when we get back to the States we will go out to eat and be like, "Uhh, I ordered noodles, where is my side of beans?" "Excuse me, where do you keep all your warm yogurt?" "Why isn´t my plate wet and why don´t my spoon and fork have dried cheese on them? Can you please talk these back?" "Your orange juice tastes way too good, can we just squeeze some dish soap in it real quick?" "This mystery meat came without a sweet red sauce smothering it..Why?" I could go on.. haha. My humor has really gone down hill. 
I made up the start of a song with my campanion, "Surrounded by Hermanas but I hermalone." Hhahah, its is going to be gooooood.
Hmm what else happened that was funny... My Teacher, Hermano Anguíñiga, always says "Don´t cares me." Instead of "I don´t care". i love that. 
Honestly this week has been pretty hard, but It was a fantastic opportunity to learn a lot about myself and what i can improve to be a better missionary for the Lord, and it was a great chance to sincerely pray a lot more. i am learning a TON! I am really happy here, still. I love being an Hermana. I LOVE P-days though. talking to non-missionaries is so great. 
I also had the opportunity to watch an AMAZING devotional called "The Character of Christ" by David Bednar. it is life changing. you should all watch it. Dad will probably be the only one who watches it, so email me what you think Dad! Also participating in the Temple dedication was just so awesome. Holland gives a brief history of temples; people sacrificed SO much for The Kirkland temple, and a year later it had to be abandoned. Same with the Nauvoo temple. And 3 more where announced that where supposed to be built in Missiouri, but never happened. So when the Saints arrived in Salt Lake, you can imagine what they were feeling about having to build ANOTHER temple. So when Brigham Young was asked why they would have to build another temple they may never seen finished, he replied "I don´t know, and I do not care if the temple is finished. But if I am right now in front of my Heavenly Father and I am doing what he wants of me, i don´t care abouttomorrow. It is the DUTY of this people to build a temple." That hit me pretty hard. it made me realize that i can´t use my lack of being able to speak Spanish as a reason to not be a good missionary. I need to make sure every day that i am being the best i can be, because that is what the Lord has asked of me. What matters is how good we are today. 
I love each and everyone of you, and I pray for you E´RY DAY! God loves you guys even more than I do, which is a whole lot of love. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. i can really feel it. i am being so blessed, this is an amazing experience. 

Hermana Kynaston
 our first investigator Ivan (who is now one of our teachers) we love him

My ZONE GIRLS! I love each one of these girls with all my heart.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

So, she wrote her big email, and then sent me several little funny ones.  I put the little funny ones first.  I love her sense of humor.

1.My district leader is freaking out because a hot girl just sent him a picture. All these Elders here are SO DUMMMMMMMMB

2.Hahha my skin is so bad. but I am been so blessed because I dont even care. Sure, i get down about it, but nowhere NEAR as bad as before. i look the way i look, and the spirit can still be with me when i teach even if my skin is poopy. :)

3.So "oracíon" in Spanish means prayer or sentences, just depends on the context, and my teacher asked for me to write a sentence and I got up infront of the class and said a prayer. HAHA.

4.OH YEAH today i accidentally put my load of laundry in the dryer instead of the washer with a soap pod thing and it was the biggest mess. Hahah, #adulting

5.I have like soupy beans and noodles for every meal, stale corn pops, and yuca root. And spongey gross meat. Yucky yuvky. but i eat it. Part of the gift of tongues is being blessed to be able to eat gross food :)

Email from 9/9/15

¡Hola! (I still havent figured out the dumb keyboards here, so bear with me)
Another BEAUTIFUL week at the CCM! I am working so hard and am so buys, but its going so well. through the Spirit, I am learning Spanish so quickly. It normally would be completely impossible to learn Spanish in 6 weeks, but here I go!
This is what I memorized: Moroni 10:5 "Y por el poder de Espíritu Santo podréis conocer la verdad de todas las cosas." Ive been able to use it in like all our lessons, its great. 
This week I have gained a very strong testimony about el Libro de Mormón. I have had a lot of time to read it, (Mainly because the food here makes me really sick, so I get to spend a lot of time in the bathroom reading.) and I am just in awe over the things in there. I highly suggest you read the book of Mormon (Not the whole B.O.M., just the one book called Mormon). it is only nine chapters, and it is so crazy.. Really sad, but good. Also you should all try to read Joseph Smiths testimony in the front of the B.O.M. It is super awesome. I know this is really missionary-y of me, but what can you do? :)
Spanish is really picking up. I made my FIRST joke in Spanish to a Latina Hermana this week. She was asking where i was from and I said "Draper, Utah" (Side note, i know I am in Mexico, but seriously 98% of the missionaries here are from Utah so it never feels like I am that far away from home.) And kind of rolled her eyes and is like "oh, Utah.." and I said "Si, la factoria." and she laughes pretty hard. SCORE! 
I get pretty down on myself when I feel like I am not learning fast enough or like I will never be able to communicate well with people, and then I remember that my nametag is in Spanish (Hermana Kynaston, la Iglesia de los Santos de los Últimos Días) And I remember that I was CALLED to Speak Spanish, and the Lord is by my side helping me. "The Lord doesnt call the qualified, he qualifies the called."
I forgot to tell you last week, but I joined the MTC choir here. It has been the biggest blessing. I love singing with all these other missionaries. The spirit is so strong. It like punches you in the face. Me and some other Hermanas in my branch sand, "Conmigo quédate, Señor" on Sunday and it was so awesome. and THEN on TUESDAY we were practicing the EFY Medley song (As Sisters in Zion...) in Spanish and the Chior director wasnt sure how the song was supposed to go, so our huge missionary choir was able to sing it once in ENGLISH. It was the biggest blessing because we actually knew what the words meant and so we were able to sing them so POWERFULLY! I could barely sing because the spirit was so strong- "We are as the army of Helamen, we have been taught in out youth. And we will be the Lords missionaries, to bring the world its truth". Best day ever. In Spanish is still sounds pretty good. 
There is so much I want to tell you all, but my fingers can hardly type fast enough! Something that is pretty random: every day I play Volleyball with the hermanas in my zone. HA! Can you imagine me playing a sport? It is crazy. Hermana Kynaston is just a whole new person. (I still hate sports and my knuckles are bruised like crazy). 
I want to bear a little testimony about the power of prayer. God is near and listening. We are his children and he WANTS to hear from us. if we pray with a truly sincere heart and REAL intent, he ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS! Our Heavenly, Glorious Father has given us the greatest gift of being able to talk to Him ANY time. Honestly seek what He wants for you, and the pray for the strength to fufill it. We had a devotional from Richard G Scott and he said that Heavenly Father answers us in one of three ways. 1 We feel peace and comfort that the decision is right. We feel confidence. 2 unsettling feeling that prevents us from making error. 3 No response felt. When this happens, we should THANK Him. He does this so we can grow and TRUST Him. We need to be obedient and act by obeying his commandments. Showing Him that we will do the right thing when he needs us to. We need to listen to His Spirit. I KNOW He will always answer our prayers. 
I know you guys are going through hard times and there is so much sadness in the world. But we can find true STRENGTH in our Lord and Savior. Seriously pray your guts out. Try to go to the temple more. 
Speaking of the temple, the Mexico City one is being deticated this Sunday and we are all PRETTY DANG excited. I will be able to go to that temple in like 2 weeks! YAYYY! 
I am loving my District. i am growing to be so close to everyone, I cant even think about having to leave most of them in 4 weeks. Funny story, (that you probably wont think is funny but I will share it anyways.) Elder Padelsky was sharing his hobbies and said "I mainly just love to shoot and capture animals." And I went off on him. But TURNS OUT He was meaning like photographing them. ha ha. Duuuumb. Another funny thing, i seriously have the funniest night teachers and they have the funniest English.. So i was singing the Dora song, and Iván is like, You know in Mexico she teaches kids English. And I´m like but She´s Mexican, and hes like "But she is is really good at English.." (Okay that one you proabably wont think is funny either, but the Teachers here just have the best accents and whenever they try and talk in Enlgish they just say the dumbest stuff.. haha. 

 i ripped my skirt and then tried to sew it and then ripped it again hahah. BASURA!
Thats basically all i have to say to you lovelies. Thank you all for all the emails and love. Stay strong and choose the right. You all rock
All the Lubbock missionaries

Hermana Huxford and I always match

an elder that got sent home, sent the district donuts.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I feel weird typing english Letter from 9/2/15

Well, week 1 at the CCM (pronounced "say say emmay") has been crazy. I dont really know how to use this keyboard, so I apologize for all punctuation errors. 
So the first half day was basically the worst. I didnt know what was going on and I felt like I had entered in to some forgotten city where a cult had inhabited and there was no escape. I was really stressed out. Andy by day two i had felt like I had been here for over 6 months. No joke. 
SO MUCH SPANISH! I have learned more this first week then I learned my two years in High School taking it. Everyone here speaks Spanish or is trying really hard to learn it. My day teachers name is Hermana García and she is the cutest thing ever. I LOVE my district. 4 of the Elders here are going to Lubbock with me! We are like the only district that is state side. EVERYONE is going to either Bolivia or Ecuador. Ha! Have fun guys. 
I have the best Mexican accent in our district. i am really good and saying things like "Hola" and "adios". You all would be really impressed. 
Mi compañera is Hermana Huxford. I keep calling her Hermana Uxford because in Spanish you dont say the H. Shes cool with it though. She is going to be serving in SLC and is from Indiana. She is beautiful and super crazy. We love to laugh at the poor Spanish to English translations here like "beff" instead of "beef". We are a riot. She has such a drive to learn the language so thats good for me to have her help me. She tells pretty dumb stories. Haha.
There are FOUR Hermanas in my district which is apparently super rare. Their names are Hermana Lambert and Hermana Cloward. They are serving in Tempe Arizona mission! I love them so much. We are all in the same room together and its a party. My District leader, Elder Padelsky, is serving in Lubbock with me and we flew next to each other here. Also we have the same birthday. He is ALWAYS gone because he is really social. So i am our new district leader. :) its great. 
 The food here... oh my gosh. It is so bad. SO BAD! Everything tastes like soap and chlorine, haha. And there is so many beans. Beans and rice, beans and noodles, beans and toast...
All the Hermanas here get special treatment and I love that. We get to cut all the Elders in line for meals. (So we can get to the terrible food quicker). Its a good thing we pray over our food because I havent gotten sick once. 
The CCm is GORGEOUS! So many trees everywhere, beautiful landscape. Its actually pretty cold here, so i packed pretty poorly. Oh well. It rains a TON its so cool. We play a really fun game here called "gunshot or firework" because there is always these booms. you can usually figure out what it is, especially if you pay attention to how many sirens follow it. WE LOVE MEXICO CITY! :)
Haha, funny thing. Mi compañera was getting a blessing from our branch president and he started it by saying "I place my hands in you head" HAHAHA. Their English is still 1000x better than our Spanish. 
Oh also, the 2nd night I was here I had to teach an Investigator in Spanish. HA GOOD ONE! So Hermana Huxford and I wrote out this awesome lesson on the Libro de Mormón and it went so badly, haha. the spirit was really strong but right at the beginning of the lesson I asked him Como es su papá, instead of como está su papá... And he was so weirded out. So i basically asked him right off the bat to describe his father to me instead of "how is your dad". After our lesson we just laughed and laughed our guts out and came back and told our district and we just all laughed over how terrible we did. Our 2nd lesson went so much better. We had studied really hard and gave this killer lesson on José Smith and la returado el Evangelio. The spirit was so strong. our 3rd lesson was just the worst. Hermana Huxford and I had been kind of having an off day and felt like we didnt have the spirit. We kept forgetting to ´ray thoughout the day and before preparing our lesson for Ivan.. So when we went to teach him, there was no spirit and the lesson went terribley, My Spanish was worse than usual, we forgot to say an opening prayer... it mads us really understand the the Spirit is the real teacher and without him, we cant do anything. We learned a lot from that lesson and we teach him again tonight and we are going to do great.
Sunday was AMAZING! So spiritual. So many great devotionals and speakers. We all sang to the districts whos 6 weeks were up and they were leaving. God Be With You til We Meet Again, in Español. It was SO powerful. 
A LOT of Nacho Libre quotes here. We are always saying "cant you see this woman is a NUN?" Haha, we have a blast. 
It is really really hard work and The Lord is certainly showing me what my weaknesses are... But i am working on it! 
on the plane (look creepy I know). Sitting next to me is Elder Padelsky (My district leader going to Lubbock)

Me in front of our house

Me and my darling Companion

What my lesson notes look like
 getting ready to sneak around the house and scare people
i seriously love you all so much. I cant wait to write you all next week. ENJOY THE PICTURES (mom, that i will send in a second.)