Wednesday, September 9, 2015

So, she wrote her big email, and then sent me several little funny ones.  I put the little funny ones first.  I love her sense of humor.

1.My district leader is freaking out because a hot girl just sent him a picture. All these Elders here are SO DUMMMMMMMMB

2.Hahha my skin is so bad. but I am been so blessed because I dont even care. Sure, i get down about it, but nowhere NEAR as bad as before. i look the way i look, and the spirit can still be with me when i teach even if my skin is poopy. :)

3.So "oracíon" in Spanish means prayer or sentences, just depends on the context, and my teacher asked for me to write a sentence and I got up infront of the class and said a prayer. HAHA.

4.OH YEAH today i accidentally put my load of laundry in the dryer instead of the washer with a soap pod thing and it was the biggest mess. Hahah, #adulting

5.I have like soupy beans and noodles for every meal, stale corn pops, and yuca root. And spongey gross meat. Yucky yuvky. but i eat it. Part of the gift of tongues is being blessed to be able to eat gross food :)

Email from 9/9/15

¡Hola! (I still havent figured out the dumb keyboards here, so bear with me)
Another BEAUTIFUL week at the CCM! I am working so hard and am so buys, but its going so well. through the Spirit, I am learning Spanish so quickly. It normally would be completely impossible to learn Spanish in 6 weeks, but here I go!
This is what I memorized: Moroni 10:5 "Y por el poder de Espíritu Santo podréis conocer la verdad de todas las cosas." Ive been able to use it in like all our lessons, its great. 
This week I have gained a very strong testimony about el Libro de Mormón. I have had a lot of time to read it, (Mainly because the food here makes me really sick, so I get to spend a lot of time in the bathroom reading.) and I am just in awe over the things in there. I highly suggest you read the book of Mormon (Not the whole B.O.M., just the one book called Mormon). it is only nine chapters, and it is so crazy.. Really sad, but good. Also you should all try to read Joseph Smiths testimony in the front of the B.O.M. It is super awesome. I know this is really missionary-y of me, but what can you do? :)
Spanish is really picking up. I made my FIRST joke in Spanish to a Latina Hermana this week. She was asking where i was from and I said "Draper, Utah" (Side note, i know I am in Mexico, but seriously 98% of the missionaries here are from Utah so it never feels like I am that far away from home.) And kind of rolled her eyes and is like "oh, Utah.." and I said "Si, la factoria." and she laughes pretty hard. SCORE! 
I get pretty down on myself when I feel like I am not learning fast enough or like I will never be able to communicate well with people, and then I remember that my nametag is in Spanish (Hermana Kynaston, la Iglesia de los Santos de los Últimos Días) And I remember that I was CALLED to Speak Spanish, and the Lord is by my side helping me. "The Lord doesnt call the qualified, he qualifies the called."
I forgot to tell you last week, but I joined the MTC choir here. It has been the biggest blessing. I love singing with all these other missionaries. The spirit is so strong. It like punches you in the face. Me and some other Hermanas in my branch sand, "Conmigo quédate, Señor" on Sunday and it was so awesome. and THEN on TUESDAY we were practicing the EFY Medley song (As Sisters in Zion...) in Spanish and the Chior director wasnt sure how the song was supposed to go, so our huge missionary choir was able to sing it once in ENGLISH. It was the biggest blessing because we actually knew what the words meant and so we were able to sing them so POWERFULLY! I could barely sing because the spirit was so strong- "We are as the army of Helamen, we have been taught in out youth. And we will be the Lords missionaries, to bring the world its truth". Best day ever. In Spanish is still sounds pretty good. 
There is so much I want to tell you all, but my fingers can hardly type fast enough! Something that is pretty random: every day I play Volleyball with the hermanas in my zone. HA! Can you imagine me playing a sport? It is crazy. Hermana Kynaston is just a whole new person. (I still hate sports and my knuckles are bruised like crazy). 
I want to bear a little testimony about the power of prayer. God is near and listening. We are his children and he WANTS to hear from us. if we pray with a truly sincere heart and REAL intent, he ANSWERS OUR PRAYERS! Our Heavenly, Glorious Father has given us the greatest gift of being able to talk to Him ANY time. Honestly seek what He wants for you, and the pray for the strength to fufill it. We had a devotional from Richard G Scott and he said that Heavenly Father answers us in one of three ways. 1 We feel peace and comfort that the decision is right. We feel confidence. 2 unsettling feeling that prevents us from making error. 3 No response felt. When this happens, we should THANK Him. He does this so we can grow and TRUST Him. We need to be obedient and act by obeying his commandments. Showing Him that we will do the right thing when he needs us to. We need to listen to His Spirit. I KNOW He will always answer our prayers. 
I know you guys are going through hard times and there is so much sadness in the world. But we can find true STRENGTH in our Lord and Savior. Seriously pray your guts out. Try to go to the temple more. 
Speaking of the temple, the Mexico City one is being deticated this Sunday and we are all PRETTY DANG excited. I will be able to go to that temple in like 2 weeks! YAYYY! 
I am loving my District. i am growing to be so close to everyone, I cant even think about having to leave most of them in 4 weeks. Funny story, (that you probably wont think is funny but I will share it anyways.) Elder Padelsky was sharing his hobbies and said "I mainly just love to shoot and capture animals." And I went off on him. But TURNS OUT He was meaning like photographing them. ha ha. Duuuumb. Another funny thing, i seriously have the funniest night teachers and they have the funniest English.. So i was singing the Dora song, and Iván is like, You know in Mexico she teaches kids English. And I´m like but She´s Mexican, and hes like "But she is is really good at English.." (Okay that one you proabably wont think is funny either, but the Teachers here just have the best accents and whenever they try and talk in Enlgish they just say the dumbest stuff.. haha. 

 i ripped my skirt and then tried to sew it and then ripped it again hahah. BASURA!
Thats basically all i have to say to you lovelies. Thank you all for all the emails and love. Stay strong and choose the right. You all rock
All the Lubbock missionaries

Hermana Huxford and I always match

an elder that got sent home, sent the district donuts.

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