Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I played Volleyball with my district this morning. i scraped my elbow. (because no one would let me be on their team so i did a hand stand in the coner of the court and i fell on my elbow) 

My cute Hermanas

My and my companion cutie pie
fave part of the day is laying in my bed. Nothing has changed ;)

*I tried to picture your face last night so I wouldnt laugh during the district prayer but I just started laughing even harder. 


Well ,this is my second to last P day! CRAZY! On the 5th, i will be flying out to TEXAS! I am so excited, i love the CCM, but it will be nice to be back in America. I am starving.
So something that is insanely awkward happened to me and Heavenly Father today. I went to bless my food and i said "Pier 49 this is..." AND THEN i was like so embarrassed, so I tried again and said "Padre Celestial, this is Savan....." WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?
It has been a loooong week. To explain JUST how long it had been, last night we had a devotional like we always do on Tuesday nights, and we are in this big auditorium listening to the speaker and I am totally zoned out because I was so dang tired. So I am just kind of slouched in my chair in the corner of the room. And about an hour into it, the President of the MTC COMES OFF the stand in the front and walks down the aisle to my row of chairs and goes, "Hermana! Hermana! Are you okay? Are you sick?!" And I was like so confused so I just looked at him for a while (My companion was DYING at this point) and I'm like, "Oh yeah, i am just really tired...." And then he just looked at me all concerned and walked back up to the stand and was like whispering with his wife... hahah. So apparently I just looked like death. So embarrassing. 
Spanish is picking up! This week has consisted of a TON of fasting and prayer. I leave in 2 weeks and I want to have a way better grip on the language than I do now. I have been studying my bum off! that's probably why i look so dang tired all the time, haha. Or the fact that i am extremely malnourished because I just eat nutella sandwiches or fruit loops for every meal.
So thanks mom for always telling me what meals you are eating at home. It makes me feel really good. ;) Also thanks for the crayons you sent me like the 2nd day here. I use them EVERY single day. i have drawn so many pictures and cards for people and they work really well for marking scriptures and giving my district plenty of opportunities to make fun of how I say "Crans". whate'r
What else happened this week.. So my companion and i were giving this GREAT lesson to our investigator and then I was like trying to talk about how important prayer is and how I always have a prayer in my heart or mind. And i accidently reffered to my HEAD as a NECK TIE! And so he started to bust out laughing.. and so when it was time to say the closing prayer, guess who wasn´t able to compose herself to pray. I tried 3 TIMES to calm down and say the prayer but we were laughing so hard.. Yikes. hard week for H.K. The investigator was cool, he understood. if this happens to me in the field, I don´t know what I will do. 
My night teacher is THE DANG BEST. His name is Hermana Aguiñiga and our whole district is obsessed with him. He is so small and goofy. And brings a water bottle full of milk to class every day, ahah. And theonly English slang he knows is "check it" and he uses it all the time. He is helping me so much in Spanish. i can almost go a whole class period talking in solo Español! I can´t wait to skype you on Christmas and talk to you in my flawless Esp. ;) I actually think i will be able to call you from the airport on the 5th, so that will be great.
Mom, i know you think it is just HILARIOUS that I am in the choir, but I love it. i sing ALL the time here (surprise, surprise) My districts main songs we sing are High School Musical, Les Mis (Duh) (even some of the elders who havent seen the movie know the songs because we sing them so often), and the articles of faith! #checkit
So this week we got to see the most ROCKIN´devo from Elder Holland. It was about the history of Preach my Gospel and what it was like before it. It was really cool. He talked about how when the Savior had left, Peter, and the rest of the apostle gang, didn´t really know what to do.. and they had all just been converts for a little while, and now that their Savoir had gone.. they just sort of went back to fishing. Then when they were out fishing, they could catch a single thing. they saw a man on the shore that was telling them to cast to like the right side of the boat, and when they did so, they couldn´t even pull in their nets because they were so full of fish! Then they realized who was on shore and Peter jumped out of the boat and swam to Him. Jesus later asked Peter, "peter, do you love me more than your fish and boats?" And Peter is like, of courrse! And Jesus asked him again, "Peter, do you love me?" And Peter is like, Yes Lord. And Jesus probably looked at Him for a little and asked him a third time, "Peter, do you love me?" And Peter, all humble, replies, Yes Lord. "Then feed my sheep." And Holland goes on to explain that this i what it is all about. Do we love Him!? THEN FEED HIS SHEEP! Don´t you DARE go back to your nets! We haven´t been called to only serve him for 2 years. We are called to serve Him forever. Holland yells How DARE missionaries go back to their nets after serving the Lord for two years. How dare they fall away. How can they look their converts in the eye again. (Holland is intense) We need to forget about ourselves and SERVE. Look at Holland, 40 years later from his mission, and he is still serving. 
Richard g Scott died and I am way sad about that. 
EVERYBODY! You need to go read ether 12 today. It is the best ever. Please, say a little prayer before you read for Heavenly Father to let you know what you need to do better. I love you guys so much. I love this gospel so much. It is true. no matter what. I know that Heavenly Father is there, and answers our prayers. i know that Jesus suffered more than we can ever comprehend, FOR US! I know He lives. We can do anything through Him. i know that the Book of Mormon is true and was inspired to be written for us, in this day. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Oh i guess I could have written that in Spanish.. Oh well. I COULD HAVE though

They love when I draw hands ahah. THX for the crayons.

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