Thursday, October 1, 2015

Yesterday's letter.  I'm getting lazy.  :P

Can you even believe it has been a WHOLE MONTH since I left? It seems like my days here at the CCM have just flown by, but at the same time I can´t remember a time not being here... Haha. i am super pumped to be leaving to Texas on Monday (at 2 in the dang morning). It hasn´t really hit me that I am leaving yet. It will be weird to not be surrounded by nametags.. 
This week has been really humbling. I´ve had to come to terms that I am not going to be the best at everything. that´s been challenging. Mom, have I always been this impatient and controlling? How did I function! The language is coming along. This week has been "solo Español" for my zone and it has been rough, but beneficial. Apparently i have just had a lot on my mind because I can´t say that much in Spanish besides palabras del Evangelio (gospel words), so i have been sleep talking. My companion told me last night I said "I've got to get myself to Disneyland..." Clearly my mind is in the right place. :)
I can´t even think about having to leave my district. I have grown so close with all of them. At least 3 of the Elders are coming with me. We started playing this really fun game where I draw something on the board and they have to guess what movie it is from. We all love it. (We study really hard at a different time) 
Taught Erika (morning investigator) about the Law of Chastity, only laughed twice. That´s progress!
So my morning teacher is pregnant and she has been getting really sick lately and during class she'll just run out and start puking in the bathroom and it just echoes into our room and it is so sad. And then she comes back in and is all smiling and continues with the lesson and doesn't mention anything about it.. hahah strange. We love her. We also love our night teacher Hno. Aguiñiga. i know I talk about him every email, but seriously he is the best person. 
OH SOMETHING COOL, so Hno. Aguiñiga has been our investigator, "Luis", for a while now and our lessons with him have been going really well. Every Saturday we teach "TRC" which is when they bring in real people from "outside the wall" and we get to teach them! Hno. Aguiñiga said he is bringing in him NON MEMBER family and that he wants Hermana Huxford and I to teach them! YAY! Missionary-ing is seriously the best. 
Oh mom and dad, in one of our lessons with Luis, we talked about how the gospel blesses families. I shared how you made us get up cada manaña and read scriptures together and pray. I shared how hard it was, but how it brought us so close together and I was able to develope a strong love of the Book of Mormón and a testimony of prayer. I shared how we have family night every Sunday or Monday night, and he was in tears. He felt the spirit so strong from me sharing those experiences. I just wanted to thank you guys and tell you to keep doing what you are doing. You are the best parents in the world and you don't hear it enough. 
(I am sitting behind my District leader and he is emailing this girl Natalie and telling her how cute she is and how they should get married. Hahah duuuuuuumb.) Sometimes I forget all the Elders here are straight out of High School.
So this Sunday I had the honor of being chosen randomly to give a TALK about DIEZMO (tithing). That was awesome, hahaha. I actually did okay winging it. But when I went to bare my testimony, I was talking about how I know that every dollar is used for what the Lord needs it to be, and I was like Yo se que cada.... peso... usará por que el Señor necissita.. blah blah. i didn't know how to say dollar in Spanish, and so everyone laughed and it was embarrassing. 
Also something else that was embarrassing- I needed to call Zions bank to work out some issues with using my card in Mexico and when they answered I said "Hola, mi nombre es Hermana Kynaston y.." and the lady is like "Wait, wait, What?" and I was so embarrassed so I just said "Hi I am a missionary and I need help." HAhaha, seriously I am the worst at speaking to people. My companion was laughing so hard. (P.S. Dad a lady from the bank said she would call you and tell you that I said I love you) 
Honestly not a whole lot happened this week. It has been good though. Filled with fasting and prayer and a strong spirit. This work is so good. The Lord is here with me and is molding me. 
Yo quiero dar mi testimonio en Español. No hablo muy bien el idioma, entonces perseverar conmigo, por favor. Yo se que Dios nos amá nosotros mucho. He sido aprendando mucho sobre el Evangelio y se que ese José Smith fue un profeta. Traves de José Smith, Dios restauró su Evangelio. Yo se que Dios y Jesucristo vivo, porque conozco ellos. Por medio de oracion, podemos sentir el amor de Dios y saber la verdad de todas las cosas. Yo se que Jesucristo es aqui con nosotros. El Libro de Mormón es la palabra de Dios y para nosotros en este dia. Me amo este Evangelio. Me amo ser una missiónera. Estoy tan emocionada ser voy Texas a compartir este mensaje, Dios vive y le amá usted! En el nombre de Jesuscristo, Amen.
Sorry if that is all incorrect Dad, i am still learning,. but I am seriously loving Spanish. You guys probably wont translate that, so I´ll just summerize, I KNOW God amnd Jesus live. I know they know my name and are here with me. I know that through the Holy Ghost (Which testifies of God and Jesus) We can feel of His love for us. It is so wonderful. you guys, this gospel is so true and so wonderful. I am so honored that God is trusting me with HIS children in Texas. 
Alright, request. General Conference is this Sunday and I am going to need some snacks sent to me. Please. :) 
Also, i have a missionary request too. Tonight, or whenever, get on your knees and really pray. Pray to know if God knows you and knows your name. Have FAITH, and wait. I know that you will feel of His love and know that He truly does know you. You are His child. I sure love you all. i hope you have a fantastic week. I hope you do something better today than you did yesterday. And recite this scripture to yourselves when you feel low, D&C 24:8 ( I only have it memorized in Spanish but it goes something like, be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many, but the i am with you, even until the end of thy days.) Sé paciente en los afflicciones, porque tendrás muchas, pero sopórtalas, pues he aqui, estoy contigo hasta el fin de tus dias."

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