Tuesday, April 26, 2016

We ran out of toilet paper

Herro Family and friends. Here we have arrived at yet another week. My companion and I totally ran out of money because we bought these really good Popsicles, so now we have no money for toilet paper. #priorities 
For service, I am painting this awesome mural for El Dia del Nino on the 29th for the Spanish Branch. It is really stressing me out. i am going to finish it on Wednesday though, so then I will send pictures! 
We have been working really hard this week to organize our area book and color code our area. it is taking FOREVER but it is necessary to do for Portales to progress. I think I was just sent here to organize for the next missionaries. We'll see come transfer time (1 week). 
Sister Castro and I are having a blast. I still love her and she still loves me. We just laugh and sing. We are honestly like the same person, except she is brown and can dance. 
Someone fed us chicken legs for dinner this week and we think they just forgot to cook them because they smelled like blood and were SO SO SO SLIMY and when we got in the car we were just gagging and gagging.
We went to Roswell for exchanges on Wednesday and Thursday. We didn't see any aliens but I taught a lady who had 23 cats and it smelled so bad. But she was like taking notes during our lesson and asking the best questions! I loved it!! 
I don't really have that much to write about and my time is almost up, but I love each and every single one of you and I hope that everyone is happy and healthy and whole. 
The church will always be true, no matter what.
Love you, 

Sister Kynaston

Monday, April 11, 2016

I love my mom

Hello team! Things are good in Sunny (and snowy and windy and rainy and lightningy) In PORTALES NEW MEXICO! 
This email is taking me forever because I keep having to stop and reply to people. 
SO, lets talk. This week has been crazy busy. We have been working so hard. We reward ourselves with Mexican Popsicles though. My district leader is online shopping right now for shoes, i can see his monitor. Dumb. Sister Castro is such a ball of fun. We are having a blast. She doesn't like to open up though so a lot of our nights are me just asking her a ton of questions and trying to see where she is at. She has been struggling but I have been able to really help her because I have gone through a lot of really similar things! How cool is God! Nothing is random. We are trying really hard to get new investigators and that is hard. People can be so rude sometimes. At least I have a companion who I can just laugh things off with. I got two skirts from walmart and I actually love them. 
Something that is so wonderful is that people keep telling me that I sound like a native mexican!! Street contacts, branch members, my companion. The gift of tongues is so real! I bore my testimony in Spanish yesterday and i had so many people come up to me and tell me that i didn't pronounce no thing wrong and I have a great accent! HAha, but then I bore my testimony in the English ward and I had someone come up to me and ask me where my accent is from. LOL 
Man I have like no more time! All is well! Send your prayers my way. Love you ALL with my WHOLE HEART AND SOUL! THE CHURCH IS SO TRUE AND WILL ALWAYS BE TRUE
Sister K
my goals, plus one from Sister Castro, I curled my hair (this pic is dumb), moving around stuff in our house, someone came by and took a picture of us sleeping! 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

throw up

 FAMILY! I love you and i have been especially excited to email you this week because so many awesome things are happening!!! 
First off, i got my new compa and she has been out 5 months but that girl is PREPARED! She is so awesome and so bold. We have been working so hard and staying so busy. She is an incredible cook and it almost brings tears to my eyes.. :) Her Dominican Spanish is a LOT different from my Mexican Spanish and so sometimes I just have 0% idea what she is saying, haha. She is teaching me a lot of phrases and words. Just spending one week together, I feel like I have gotten a lot sassier, haha. I say "girl" after everything, oh no. She is seriously such a prankster and is always scaring me and popping out from all over the house and car. She always pretends like she can see spirits behind me.... super creep. LOVE HER! 
So this week for English Class, i taught everyone how to play a very American game. DON'T EAT PETE! HAhahahaha. Except I had all the squares be letters and we made it so every time they ate a mini M&M off a letter, they had to say a word in English that started with that letter. They loved when you go to yell at the person. They would get so scared. SO FUNNY!
Something Sisters do is have "date nights" with each other. You pick a night every so often to finish up nightly planning earlier so you have time to watch a movie together or do an art project or make a treat. It just depends. So I asked Sister Castro what she wanted to do for our date night and her eyes just lit up and she said "Smoothie challenge." TURNS OUT a smoothie challenge is when you both pick 5 random things from your kitchen, write their name on a piece of paper, put them in a jar, and draw out 5 each. THEN you blend up whatever you picked and you have to DRINK IT! I, of course, picked an old slice of pizza, crystal light squirt stuff, ice cream, sloppy joe juice mix, and an onion. (kill me.) I can't remember what she chose but it was equally gross. So needless to say we spent our date night, and a long while after, throwing up in the sink and toilet. HAhahah it was the worst idea ever. Don't tell Sister Heap mom.
Conference was amazing. it made me realize I really want to go to Africa after my mission and go play with all the little black babies, so will someone sponsor that trip?
You GUYS!!??? Do you EVEN REALIZE HOW TRUE AND COMPLETE OUR CHURCH IS!? DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT OUR PROPHET IS GODS MOUTH PIECE!? How incredible? How blessed are we. I know, without a single doubt, this church is Christ's church. He is at the head. 
I love each of you so much!! Have a great weeeeeeeek
Somos nacas