Monday, October 26, 2015


I am really cold right now and my hands are freezing. After this I am going to go buy some gloves. Thanks Texas for tricking me and being cold all the time. 
I am going to have to be typing fast, so get ready for some #typos
This week has been an emotional roller coaster! But it has been good and I am learning a lot. I can now run 4.5 miles without stopping! HOO HAH! My companion isn't impressed. I pretend like she is though. 
All is well in Borger. We have had some pretty cool storms lately. Texas skies are UNREAL! I will attach a few photos, but nothing does it justice. 
So I guess it is really uncommon for a blonde haired, blue eyed, white girl to know Spanish (mas o menos), so this week, my Companion and I went up to talk to this old lady sitting on a bench and we start talking to her and she's like "Oh, i don't speak English, sorry." so we started talking to her in Spanish, and she still just kept saying (in Spanish now) "I don't speak any English girls, i am sorry." And I'm like "We are speaking to you in Spanish." and we continued to share a message with her and then I gave her a verse in my Spanish BOM to read, and she just looked away and said that she doesn't read English and that she was sorry.. She just wasn't understanding what was going on.. it was hilarious.
It is also funny because we will go around contacting and people will try to get out of hearing our message by saying they don't know any English (they obviously do) and so we are like, "Oh, hablamos Espanol, tambien!" and then they are STUCK talking to us, ha ha ha. >:)
So remember the two darling twin girls getting ready to be baptized? Well Dolita sent us a text before church saying that the baptism was cancelled and the girls weren't ready. It broke my heart! i cred my little eyes out allll through sacrament meeting! Dolita said we could see them on Tuesday night, so hopefully we can talk to them about it. the date isn't important. Baptism is a huge deal and I want for them to feel confident with their decision. On the other hand, Loy finally started feeling better and we set him up to be baptized on the 14th! Then he let me ride his tracker in his back yard and it was the BEST! I love that 81 year old guy. 
here is a great quote from President Hinkley, "Do you want to be happy? Forget yourself and get lost in this great cause. lend your efforts to helping people, stand higher, lift those with feeble knees, hold up the arms of those that hang down. Live the gospel of Jesus Christ." Isn't that a great quote? I am seeing how wonderfully important service is. We need to go out and help our brothers and sisters. Lighten someones load! Help each other make it safely through this life and back to live with our Father! I know you guys are doing good things. You are all awesome.
We had zone conference this week and i LOVE the president and his wife. I also got to see my BFF from the CMM Elder Padelsky and that way so nice! The president shared something really cool that I want to share with y'all. He is like a Book Of Mormon genius. He has taught a BOM class for like 25 years prior to coming on a mission. He was reading in Matthew 27: 17-26 about the Savior in trial and being sent to be crucified. When Pilot has the guards bring out Barabbas and ask the people who they would rather have released unto them, they say Barabbas! And then Barabbas probably just booked it as fast as he could before someone changed their mind. President Heap expanded on that. He said the Barabbas probably ran and ran and ran.. but eventually he had to stop. And when he stopped, he probably thought to himself.. "okay what just happened..?" He was being sentenced to die, and Jesus just took his place. Jesus answered for Barabbas and literally took his place to die. Every Sunday when we take the sacrament, we see the bread and water under that sheet. It represents a body and the blood. It should be our body. We have sinned, we are sentenced to die. But when a goofy boy offers that sacramental prayer, he asks the Father for another chance to try and keep the commandments and be better. And Christ takes our place. he says, " I will take your place and suffer the consequences. You go try and be like me." Every Sunday we need to think about that sacrifice. We need to always remember him. 
Also, I just read the BEST talk in the world. It is called "His Grace is Sufficient." I will share some points I loved from it, but I STRONGLY encourage y'all to read it. (That means you Hannah and Sophie) 
We don't follow Christ so we can be saved, we have already been saved. So why obey? Our obedience isn't to pay a debt. But it is to show our love and appreciation by trying to live a life like Christ's. In D&C 78:7, it points out that we are learning heaven! We are preparing and practicing to live in the presence of our God! "Latter Day Saints know not only what Jesus has saved us from, but also what he saved us FOR". Brad Wilcox (Speaker) goes on to share that we already know that no unclean thing can dwell with God, but also that no unchanged thing will even want to! The final judgement will not be an unrepentant sinner begging Jesus, "let me stay!". No, he will probably be begging Jesus, "get me out of here!" Jesus will probably be begging the unrepentant sinner, "Please choose to stay. Please use my atonement, not just to be cleansed but to be changed so that you want to stay."
Family, I know that it doesn't just have to be two options, perfection or giving up. If you feel that way, you don't understand grace! Growth and development take time. It is a process! I know that Jesus is with us every step of the way. Don't look for escape or excuse, look for the Lord and His perfect strength. I love you all. i love this Gospel. i am so grateful to be a missionary. 
Have a great week. 


I was painting this wall and my companion was taking a picture of me, and then this asian guy stops and pulls out his camera and is like "i'll take a picture too!" jhahahahahahha also we had a pizza night

When you ghave to ride forever and a day

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