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I ate 5 pomegranates in 4 days
Savannah Kynaston
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Okay so the best thing in the world is pomegranates in greek yogurt with granola and banana slices. SERIOUSLY it is so good. I could have been mugged at gun point this week and it still would have been the best week because I got to eat it. 
Anyways, Texas is doing really well. It is finally warm today and I appreciate that. Thank you family (and Miamaids) for the awesome letters this week! I loved them so much! 
This week has been so weird for me because I went on exchanges with the STL's in Pampa and we had Mission Tour in Lubbock! So a lot of road tripping around scenic Northern Texas. 
I think this Wednesday was the first day that I was like, "okay, I really like my mission." It took me some time to warm up to my area and schedule, but I want to let y'all know I am very happy to be where I am. I am SO GRATEFUL for the opportunity to be a missionary. Seriously, you should all do it. 
SO, exchanges is Pampa were so fun. I was with Sister Wilkens and we just laughed the whole time together. I had so many awkward experiences... I am so bad at talking to people. I like was backing up talking to this guy on his porch and I like fell down 3 stairs and I tried to play it off and keep talking about the gospel but Sis Wilkens was laughing so hard... Oh man.
Mission tour was AWESOME! A General Authority, Elder Foster, came and spoke to us, as well as President Heap (who I am obsessed with). It was a really spiritually powerful day. President Heap shared the story of Naaman, the leper in 2 Kings 5. If you don't really remember that story, Naaman is this powerful guy and he is suffering from leprosy. He hears about a prophet and he goes to him to be healed. The prophet tells his servant to go tell Naaman that if he goes and bathes in the river Jordan 7 times, he will be healed. President goes on to talk about the faith of the different characters in the story, but I was still focused on Naaman bathing 7 times. Think about it, he takes his guards with him to the filthy river, and he wades in.. with everyone watching him. He dips himself down and comes up, and knowing men, looks at his hands and arms coming up to see if he is healed. He sees the leprosy still remains, and dips himself down a 2nd time, comes up, same result.. He does this 4 more times in front of the men who respect him, and they watch him come up covered in leprosy 6 times! (Why don't you think he saw his disease leave him a little bit at a time with each wash? because we don't receive a witness until AFTER the trial of our faith, Ether 12:6) But the 7th time, he comes up CLEAN! How cool is that? I know none of us have leprosy. But each of us have different trials that are given specifically to us to test and strengthen our faith. We can't give up and curse God because we don't see improvements at the pace we would like. We need to hold on and TRUST Him. He will create so much more of us than we can of ourselves. We will create and ordinary man, He will create a God. His grace truly is sufficient. 
I am learning so much here. I am learning the things that are going to prepare me to be a missionary for life. I am going to be a strong ward member. I will help out in missionary lessons, I will offer up my home to teach others about the Gospel! I am going to reach out to those in need for the rest of my life so that my brothers and sisters can make it safely through mortality. I will stand as an EXAMPLE of the believers at all times. The way I am going to live my life will share my testimony with others, and when people know me, they will want to know Jesus. I know that all of you are reading this and rolling your eyes thinking about how weird I am going to be when I come home, haha. I know I know.. but I am fine with that, because I know how important this gospel is. I hope each of you can learn that for yourselves too. I love you all so much. I love this church, I love it's leaders, I love the responsibilities that come with being a latter day saint. The Lord is hastening the work and He is preparing people to hear of His gospel. 
I hope you all have a wonderful week and look for opportunities to serve and WORK HARD! I am constantly covered in sheet rock, grass clippings, dirt, paint, and sweat. (and pomegranate juice) I don't even know why i shower anymore. ;)
Sister Kynastonnnnn
Pictures: I have never had this muscle before, thanks morning hell runs. 
Also I broke my camera mom, so i didn't take any pictures this week. I will try to fix it, haha.

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