Monday, November 23, 2015

I am getting fat, but it happened so softly...

Oh how I just LOVE my family!!! I am certainly missing all of you this holiday season. I am very happy and taken care of here in Borger though. The ward seems to think I am way too skinny to be taking care of myself so we have TONS of dinner appointments. :) 
This week has been pretty awesome, I guess. So last Monday, I don't know if you all heard of even CARE but the Panhandle had 12 tornadoes and it was INSANE. I have never experienced such crazy weather..We were out knocking doors and this lady answers and just starts screaming at us because there is a tornado outside and we needed to go home, haha. We did make sure to schedule a return appointment before we left though ;) So yeah, pretty crazy. What was NOT FUN was the next day because the tornadoes had blown in the COLDEST WEATHER I have EVER had in my life. We were out proselyting and the tips of my ears started to BLEED it was so cold. No bueno.
90% of my diet this week has been hot chocolate. Also, if you have ever wondered how many no bake cookies you can eat when you make a huge batch and your companion is trying to be healthy so she won't eat any... the answer is all. All of them. You eat all of them.
 I've decided that my main drive to learn Spanish is so I can understand Oscar in the Office in the episode where he "roasts" Michael Scott. 
This week for service we got to go garden in a lady in our ward's house. She is a wonderful artist and she makes the COOLEST jewelry. She wears patchouli as a perfume and she reminds me of Sophie. Anyways, She has the most wonderful garden... I really love working in it. I am SO having a garden when I come home. Also she told me that pools with algae in them are really healthy for dogs to drink out of, so i thought i'd tell you that so you know it doesn't kill oliver when he drinks from the fountain in the back.
Thank you so so so dang much for the wonderful package. I ate the whole box of good and plenty while we did our weekly planning. It was so awesome. i almost started to just cry when I saw you sent money.. I am so lucky to have you guys send me stuff I need. The people here live in such poverty and just need so much.. it is really eye opening to how much stuff we have that we don;t even need and how much we can HELP others.. thank your for helping and supporting me. You are amazing
So i learned this week that the city of Borger has about 15,000 people and guess how many different churches there are here? Guess. 67! HA! Everybody thinks we are just apart of a local church.. it is frustrating. Our ward is so awesome here though. Some of the STRONGEST converts ever. It is pretty small though.. So small that our sacrament meetings are pretty interactive with the people speaking at the pulpit and the congregation. Everybody participates. It is hilarious. I love it.
the mission leader guy in our ward, Brother Bair, had us over for dinner the other night and he told me that he was so impressed with me! He said that I had grown "leaps and bounds" in my 6 weeks here. That was sort of embarrassing to hear because it just made me think of how terrible and awkward I must have been like my first 2 weeks here.. hahaha.. And then something really embarrassing happened, after that nice comment, Sister Vance gave the closing prayer and she accidentally said the word "breast" instead of "best" and it was like my days in the CCM and I just started laughing so hard.. i TRIED and TRIED to hold in the laughter... but it came out. It was really bad timing. Oh dear heavens. I am the worst. Breasts aren't even funny.
Alwight, I basically am done with my weekly report... Oh we started teaching this older couple named Daisy and Andy and I just love them to pieces. I wish they were my 4th set of grandparents. (Loy and Jan are my 3rd). OLD PEOPLE YAY
Have the best week and a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Love you all endlessly 

Sister Kynaston 

the worst experience of my entire life

Cold dumb day of dumbness

we ate this huge pizza and I don't have any regrets

I found this DARLING Kitty darling kitty dfarling

we are starving and poor

i tried to get a picture of the tornado weather

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