Monday, November 16, 2015


Heavenly Father loves me because he is letting me stay in Borger for another transfer. I love this dumpy town and all the dogs that chase us on our bikes and during our morning runs. I love the smell of oil when I wake up in the morning. I love all the Chinese Buffets and all the pecan trees. I love the bunnies and possums here. I JUST LOVE BORGER! I've decided that it is like living in Pawnee, Indiana. No joke. 
So this week we had a BAPTISM! This wonderful 81 year old named Loy. He is so special to me. If he ever dies, i'll kill myself. ;) I'll attach some pictures we snapped. 
We have really been trying hard this week to find more investigators. So we have spent plenty of time knocking and serving. You get to meet to the most interesting people knocking. Sometimes I will just find myself on some random porch with a guy with no legs, singing to us about Jesus and dancing in his wheel chair and I will just think about how awesome my mission is, haha.We do all sorts of random service for people. Honestly, it's mostly tearing up old carpet. I know, random. Every Friday we volunteer at this old folks home and we get to eat in the cafeteria. the food is really good, but sometimes I lose my appetite pretty quickly. There is this one guy names Tom and he can't chew his food so he carries around this blender thing and he loads all of his pasta, beans, roll, fish sticks, and tartar sauce and blends it all up and drinks it with a straw. That's usually the point where I am done eating. 
It's been pretty rough trying to find the people the Lord has been preparing. I feel like Joseph Smith sometimes. EVERYBODY here has a church they go to, and they are all different and they all teach different things.. It can be really frustrating because it feels like my voice just is lost in the cries. Satan is working really hard in Borger. But the good news is I am learning so much about hope and faith. Before my mission, they were just words to me that I knew were important. But I didn't know how to apply them or actively use them. Hope conquers discouragement. It "maketh an anchor to the souls of men" (Ether 12:4), it is an abiding trust the the Lord will fulfill His promises to you. Faith is the action. Faith is going out and talking with everybody. Faith is recognizing your weaknesses, but still trying to be like Jesus even though you KNOW you fall so short. Faith is also a trust in our Savior; faith is centered in Him. 
(Some guy just threw up in the library) 
ANYWAYS, this Sunday was the primary program and it was just the best. These kids are so dang cute. Not as cute as my little brothers, but I still love them all. 90% of them speak Spanish and they always laugh at me when I try to talk to them because my Spanish is ROUGH, haha. It's good practice though. :)
I don't have a ton to say this week. But i want to close real fast by letting you know how much I love our Savior. The more I learn of Him and His perfect character, the more I am so eager to place my trust in Him. He has perfect love for each of us. He has perfect power. I owe everything to Him
 and I am out here trying to bring more souls to Him to try and show my appreciation for His Atonement. Always remember and always retain in remembrance His grace, power, love, and charity. 
Have a fantastic week. I love you all so DANG MUCH! 

Sis Kyn
Pics- Loy Boy, also my muscle is NOTHING compared to Sis Vance 
I hit myself with a hammer two times.

Hey Mom, I love you so dang much. This week i have thought of a few things I need done and I hope I am not asking for too much.
I am going to need some boots. The kinds that go below my knee and are waterproof. Like the mom kind of boots that you see at TJ MAxx er something. i don't really care. i buy clothes at Walmart now so obviously I have just given up on clothing. :)
I would absolutely love a scripture case. My bag is about to burst with my book of mormon and bible and an extra one to hand out.
Can  you send me a recipe for a mixed berry pie? We are going to make a lot of pies for all the thanksgiving dinners we got invited to.
Let me know what you can do. 
I love you with an endless love. i will send you a letter this week. you are my light and my life. My love. I think about you every single day. I love you more than i can tell you. I am so lucky to have you as a mom. Thank you for your sacrifices and for taking care of my family. 
You are my favorite and most special mom
I hit myself in the knee with a hammer two times LOL

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