Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Letter from today  Third Pday! ;)

little funny things first:
1.the thunder is so loud that it sounds like a gun being shot right next to your head

2. i am crazing chocolate so dang badly. Thankyou for the packages and letters. you dont know how happy they make me and how much better thet make my days. i love hearing from you. i read every single letter you give outloud to my district and they love you so much ahahah. they think our family is hilarious. 

3.The gospel is true no matter what. no matter what happens in our lives, no matter who loses faith in it, it is ALWAYS (Siempre) true (verdadero). We are children of a loving Heavenly Father.

4. VIVA MEXICO! (In all seriousness though, i have been driving around Mexico city like all day today and i am SO glad i am going to the states after this. It looks like one big giant haunted house here. Cracked paint, cement houses, old bricks, shattered glass shards on the roofs to keep people off htem, razor wire, graffiti, garbage everywhere, bad roads.... Oh my.. Viva America. And American food

5.lso my companion (top bunk) has these scabs on her ankles and at night, she picks and picks at them and drops them onto my bed. (bottom bunk) 

WELL everyone, I made it another week.. haha, I love it here though. i am so  beyond tired because I had to get up at 5:30to go to the temple this morning. Which was so awesome, but now I am just so tired... So sorry if this is like the worst email. 
Mexico has sure had a fun week. Their temple was re-dedicated on Sunday and they had this HUGE celebration, and yesterday was their Dia de Indepencia! And they went insane. Seriously, windows were rattling. VIVA MEXICO
The temple was so beautiful and so big. They had like tons of escalators inside. I'll attach some photos.
Side note: this week should have been called the week of uncontrollable laughter. Not from things actually being funny, but the kind of laughter that comes from total exhaustion and stress... Got to love those Kynaston genes. it sort of started to rub off on my district. Every time we kneel down in a circle to pray, we all just BUST out laughing during the prayer. It is impossible to hold in laughter during a prayer. And when you sing in the choir, or when you watch a really sad movie about pioneers, and during testimony meeting, and when you go to the doctors and two old men are 2 inches from your face with a flashlight and a tongue depresser looking down your throat and they keep telling you to stop laughing but you cant so they just send you home. Ahh, a good week.
We are playing a game in my class called La Nativa (The native) and we pick one person o speak SOLO ESPAÑOL and the teachers are trying to guess who that person is, so the rest of us have to speak in only Spanish too. It's rough and my classes are sure quiet, but it is good practice.
Mom, an old Latino taught me how to fold fitted sheets this week. YAY. Also good news, the Hermanas here LOVE all the poop jokes I know. They get a real kick out of them. 
Spanish is coming along.. it is so hard though. I get really down on myself when i am teaching a lesson and I feel like i am not able to get my point acrossed. i seriously love this gospel more than anything and I know just how much it can help and change lives but it is so hard to teach someone that when you CANT TALK TO THEM! I have just praying really hard to develope patience. Patience with myself and learning the language, patient with the Lord in His blessings and promises, patient with others... i didn´t realize how big of a control freak I was until i got out here! Everytime we teach investigators here, i just take over the whole lesson and barely let my compañera get in an "Hola.."
Speaking of investigators, Hermana Huxford and I were able to teach REAL investigators this week! It was so awesome. We couldnt understand a single word, but we shared our tesimonies in Spanish and the spirit was so strong and everyone in the room was bawling. We have some really good days here at the CCM ;)
The food here is still pretty gross, but all the Hermanas and I joke about how one day we will love the food and when we get back to the States we will go out to eat and be like, "Uhh, I ordered noodles, where is my side of beans?" "Excuse me, where do you keep all your warm yogurt?" "Why isn´t my plate wet and why don´t my spoon and fork have dried cheese on them? Can you please talk these back?" "Your orange juice tastes way too good, can we just squeeze some dish soap in it real quick?" "This mystery meat came without a sweet red sauce smothering it..Why?" I could go on.. haha. My humor has really gone down hill. 
I made up the start of a song with my campanion, "Surrounded by Hermanas but I hermalone." Hhahah, its is going to be gooooood.
Hmm what else happened that was funny... My Teacher, Hermano Anguíñiga, always says "Don´t cares me." Instead of "I don´t care". i love that. 
Honestly this week has been pretty hard, but It was a fantastic opportunity to learn a lot about myself and what i can improve to be a better missionary for the Lord, and it was a great chance to sincerely pray a lot more. i am learning a TON! I am really happy here, still. I love being an Hermana. I LOVE P-days though. talking to non-missionaries is so great. 
I also had the opportunity to watch an AMAZING devotional called "The Character of Christ" by David Bednar. it is life changing. you should all watch it. Dad will probably be the only one who watches it, so email me what you think Dad! Also participating in the Temple dedication was just so awesome. Holland gives a brief history of temples; people sacrificed SO much for The Kirkland temple, and a year later it had to be abandoned. Same with the Nauvoo temple. And 3 more where announced that where supposed to be built in Missiouri, but never happened. So when the Saints arrived in Salt Lake, you can imagine what they were feeling about having to build ANOTHER temple. So when Brigham Young was asked why they would have to build another temple they may never seen finished, he replied "I don´t know, and I do not care if the temple is finished. But if I am right now in front of my Heavenly Father and I am doing what he wants of me, i don´t care abouttomorrow. It is the DUTY of this people to build a temple." That hit me pretty hard. it made me realize that i can´t use my lack of being able to speak Spanish as a reason to not be a good missionary. I need to make sure every day that i am being the best i can be, because that is what the Lord has asked of me. What matters is how good we are today. 
I love each and everyone of you, and I pray for you E´RY DAY! God loves you guys even more than I do, which is a whole lot of love. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. i can really feel it. i am being so blessed, this is an amazing experience. 

Hermana Kynaston
 our first investigator Ivan (who is now one of our teachers) we love him

My ZONE GIRLS! I love each one of these girls with all my heart.