Monday, December 14, 2015

This week

I don't have a ton of time and my hands are really cold, so this email might end up being really hard to read. SoRRy.
First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISAAC! That darling kid is 8 now! I am so excited for him to be baptized. What an important, wonderful step in life. Take some cute pictures for me :) We had a baptism this week for a boy named Nathaniel  (18), and Sis Vance and I are teaching his dad, Jose. While his son was in the font, he turn to me and asked "Can I take a picture?" And I said, "No." and he got so mad, haha. Duuumb.
This week has been a lot of running around all over Panhandle.. Sister Long (who I am obsessed with) Took me to my doctors appointment in Amarillo on Thursday and it was so fun! Then afterwards she took us to this ROCKIN Indian restaurant. it was the best food I have had my whole mission. Then on Saturday we went to Lubbock to go to the TEMPLE! It was so wonderful. I got to do  sealings for like 2 hours, haha. The temple is the best place in the world. I just feel like a princess in there. 
Some not so fun points this week consist of a lesson we had with an investigator who went off on us for about an hour over how we are just here because this is the religion our parents raised us in and how we don't know anything..  My heart was beating so fast and I accidentally sort of yelled my testimony at him, "LET me just stop you right there. Do you think I am out here fueled only by the faith of my parents? You. Are. Wrong. I know this church is true with every fiber of my being. Everything we have shared with you is the truth." -He cuts in saying "But you were probably raised in this faith by your pare--" "YEAH I WAS because guess what, IT IS TRUE! Now, we want to share it with you. Will you read this pamphlet before our next meeting." Investigator: Yes. Me: Great. See you Monday
It was a rough lesson. But the spirit was so strong. I really love these people but sometimes they just make me so mad. 
So I have been studying the Atonement a lot recently and I have found some of the most interesting finds.. I don't have time to share all of them, but i will share a little. On the night of Golgotha, The Place of the Skull, Jesus was nailed to the cross, spiked crown on his head, blood on his face, lacerated, sweating, crying out in suffering.. It was all so intense and terrible, but to make it supreme, to make the Atonement infinite, the Father had to withdraw his spirit from Jesus. And that has sustained Jesus as it sustains all of us. As it left him, he cries "My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?! Then Gods spirit came back, and Jesus died. At that moment, Jesus became the Christ. This hit me so hard to read about because can you imagine being the Father on the night of Jesus's death and suffering? It was a terrible experience for Heavenly Father. 
Since this began to clarify itself in my mind and I am learning of the Atonement, he's become my personal Savior. I love Jesus. I love my Heavenly Father. I have never realized before what they went through for me and you guys and all of us. I have learned to love God with all my heart and feel closer to them. And I love to testify of their great mission to us and their great sacrifice. Both the Father and the Son- what they went through for our sakes. 
This church is wonderful and truer than true. Heavenly Father and Jesus love us so much. I love you guys so much. 
Thank you and be safe and remember them this Christmas season. 


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