Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Una vez mas....

Hola Familia y amigos! Espero que tegan una maravillosa semana! :)
My week has been so dang fun. Hermana Donis is teaching me so much Spanish slang. I have never laughed harder in all my lliiiffee. 
She has the craziest stories of all time.. gnarliest life. She has been active in the church for about one year and she is a phenomenal missionary. She is an amazing cook and she is so loving to the people here, in Borger. 
So many wonderful things are in store for this area. 
I feel like I have so much to write you about, but not all of it is group email appropriate, so I will write you an awesome letter this week.
I haven't purchased an SD card yet, but I will in a second and I will come back on really quick and send you a picture of mi nueva companiera.
We went through a sonic drive through and I ordered and then I turned to Hna Donis to see what she wanted and she like couldn't translate it into English and I had no clue what she was saying so she just started laughing so hard and I started laughing and I couldn't talk, and the lady taking my order was like "ma'am. Ma'am. Hello ma'am?" and I COULDN'T TALK, it was the worst time to have a laugh attack. That happens in all of our prayers too. At night, we just stay up so late talking and laughing, and when our District leader calls, he's so awkward, and we just secretly laugh. We LOVE singing along to all these EFY cd's that she has and she is showing me all these amazing Spanish songs. It is so awesome. 
LOS EXTRANO y'all (texican)
I became a true Sister Missionary this week. I sang "I am a Child of God" with Hna Donis to a family and it was really awkward, haha. 
Honestly this week has been super hard and emotional because I am just dealing with a lot of change right now and Satan is working really hard on me to get me home. Hna is an angel though and is helping me so much. I love being a missionary. If i ever have to take off my nametag, I'll freak.
We have been teaching this WONDERFUL woman named Irene and her 5 daughters (and one on the way). She's a single mom and all her girls have different dads and she is getting baptized on the 30TH! The Atonement is incredible... she is doing so well, but Satan is a bum, so pray for her to continue to be strong. She, and all her girls, are GORGEOUS, I will get a picture of all of us soon.
I am sorry I have lost my sense of humor and my emails are really lame, but I will try better to remember the funny things that happen. I am lame, sorry
I love each one of you so much. I wish I could tattoo that on the back of your eyelids. I pray so hard every day for y'all. Be happy. This gospel is about happiness. Do the things you know are right. Be exactly obedient. Follow Christ. 
Satan loves to break your faith. So guard it relentlessly. BE CONFIDANT

All my love,

Sister Kynastonkmnoasnjask

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