Monday, January 18, 2016

Learning continues

Let me just start out by telling you how happy and jealous I am that Mack and Daniel got to come over and hang out and I am just living in Texas. !!!
The week has been really hard... Hermana Donis and I have had a lot of inventories about our companionship. I love her to pieces but it is so hard having such different cultures and backgrounds and understandings.. Plus I have just been so hard headed and irritable lately. Pray for Hna Donis
I was able to go to the temple this week though, and I had a beyond wonderful experience there. We went with the Longs (MY FAVE PEOPLE) and apparently my future in-laws. They are convinced  I am marrying their son who is currently serving in SLC. Soph, go find him ;)
Amanda congrats on having the cutest house in all of the world. My sisters are so cute and I just wish I could cut off your heads and hang them in my house.
So good news, I have gotten a McFlurry 5 days in a row this week. 
Irene and her girlies are ON TRACK for baptism on the 30th. She is beginning to just GLOW! It is the most wonderful thing. I don't know what i have ever done for God to bless me so much to be apart of her transformation. She is BEAUTIFUL!
Here are the things that are important: Personal and family prayer, personal and family scripture study, fasting together as a family once a month, Dad interviews once a month, and going to the temple. These things are easy, but because they are easy, sometimes we just don't do them. Our pride gets in the way. Kind of like Naaman in 2 Kings when all he was asked was to bathe in the Jordan 7 times, but he was angry because he expected some great and noble task. It is by the SMALL and SIMPLE things that great things come to pass. Be teachable. Be humble. Trust in the Lord and follow him. When  you walk with the Lord, you will never be lead astray. I know this from experience. 
This isn't very long but my hands are freezing. I will have to write you an amazing experience I had this week in my letter to y'all. I love each one of you so deeply. Please choose the right. 
Be safe, be smart. 

sister Kynaston

zone training

Irene's beautiful girls


service is fun

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