Monday, February 1, 2016


You GUYS! This week was so great! Well, the end was. I had strep throat in the middle and had to stay in bed and be bored out of my mind. I watched ALL of our movies. All of them. I am like so educated on the life of Jesus and the history of the church now. #checkit
I went on exchanges in Pampa with the STLS and that was fun. That's when I started getting sick though. I didn't know if I should stay in or go work, so they all told me to pray about it and left the room. I fell asleep trying to make the decision, so i guess I got my answer, lol.
Sister Donis and I had a lot of fun together this week. UGH i just love her so much I could die. She taught me how to say "You're ghetto" in Spanish. (Tu eres naca) Hahahhaa, I love that.
The ward has taken so much care of me this week, so sweet. I love LOVE LOVE the ward. They are my family. 
OH MY! Irene and Isabel's baptism was amazinnnngggg. Angels were everywhere. So many people showed up, we had to move to the chapel! WOAH! Irene was so nervous so we all said a prayer together in the church kitchen and it was so powerful and peaceful. God loves them so much. Bishop Long baptized them, and it was so tender and spiritual. Irene squealed when she came out of the water and came up the stairs and gave me this HUGE hug. ( I was SO wet) Isabel, the 11 year old, was so excited and practically jumped into the water. She just glowed coming out. Everyone was bawling. We had a recent convert sing a hymn in spanish and is was amazing. Just such an amazing experience. It wasn't even our doing. It was the ward. Borger is CHANGING! We are on to something so great and big. 
In Irene and Isabel's confirmation blessing, they were PROMISED that through their faithfulness, they would receive every ordinance of Salvation. WOW! That was an amazing thing to hear. THEY are my mission! I was called AT. THIS. TIME. For them. Those little girls can say my last name perfectly and that's because they knew me before this life. (my philosophy) 
I am learning SO much about self worth. My Heavenly Father just loves me so much. He lets me see and feel His love daily. I have been praying to see myself the way He sees me, and it is amazing. He is molding me into the woman I need to be. I love Him! Everyone! Smile in the mirror, don't think or say ANYTHING negative about yourself. Try it for a week. It is life changing. 
I love each of you so darn much. AH! SO MUCH! 
Mom thank you for your funny letter. I read them all aloud to my companion and she dies laughing. We just love you :)

Sister Kyanston

And her seperate one to me:

MOM! I am on! And I have had the best week even though I've had strep throat. I had to stay in for like 3 days. IT SUCKED! But the baptism...was....amazing....... Absolutely breathtaking. Wondrous. The ward hasn't stopped talking about it. So many people showed up we had to move to the chapel! We had a recent convert sing an Spanish hymn, testimonies, a great little video.. For the actualy baptism, Irene wanted me to stand next to her on the stairs. And i just cried and cried and she gave me the biggest wet hug after. Isabel practically lept into the water she was so happy! SHE GLOWS! Everyone was bawling. Brianna and Sylvia are being baptized on the 13th. Such amazing things are beginning to happen in Borger, On Sunday, we had 8 investigators at church... WOAH! Borger is changing. Mom can you do me a favor? Can you go to Deseret Book and buy some cute scripture marker things for Irene and Isabel and Bri and Sylvia? Irene and Isabel got quads and there aren't any stores like that here to buy those at. I bought them al ljournals today. ANGELA KYNASTON, I LOVE THAT FAMILY! I love them I love them I love them. They are my mission. Irene found out she is having a GIRL!!!!!! AHHH!! aND GUESS WHAT!?? She's thinking of naming it Savannah :) 

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