Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Good Bye Borger. Hello NEW MEXICO

This has been the best and worst week of my mission. Hermana Donis and I have worked so SO hard and we've seen so much success. My heart is so full of love and gratitude for the opportunity to serve in Borger. AH! I love this place, but the Lord needs me to serve in Portales, New Mexico now to work with the Spanish branch and follow up train Sister Bushnell. I am more sad than excited at this point, but I know it's where I need to be.
When we got the transfer call, we were at Irene's house. We had it on speaker phone and we were all BAWLING! Sister Donis found out she was STAYING in Borger and we were both so surprised and they told her that her new companion would be Sister Aviles and we both just looked at each other with so many TEARS in our EYES and they told me I was called to serve in New Mexico. Irene just freaked out. We all hugged each other and just criiieeeddd. She's like "at least Sister Donis is staying so I will always have a piece of my Sister Kynaston here with me." Irene is my angel. She is throwing me a giant fiesta for me tonight and I am so excited! She's cooking me my favorite Mexican foods and has a big cake for me (that she bought on Sunday, yikes, we need to go over Sabbath day with her, lol) Momm I love that family so much and my heart is broken!
We got 17 hours of service this week! Whoohoo!
I bore my LAST testimony in church yesterday and I just cried at the pulpit and it was really embarrassing. Bro White came up to me after and said he appreciated all my "y'alls" in my testimony, lol. #TEXAN
My fave food in the world is arroz con leche. Yummmy
I have grown up in Borger. I have found myself and found my testimony. It feels like I am leaving my HOME, but I am so grateful that the Lord sent me to serve here, and I cannot wait to find what else he has in store for me and the other Irene's i need to find  in Portales. What a blessing it is to serve a mission. I hardly have room for all these blessings and all this love I feel. I got to meet Irene and her girls! I got to serve with hermana Donis! I got to work with the Borger Ward and meet the Longs! I learned to LOVE LATINOS and LOVE SPANISH and LOVE MISSIONARY WORK! I love getting up at6:30 am. I love personal and companion studies. I love planning and goal setting. I love praying. I am crying AGAIN! Ah, I have been so blessed. Thank you EVERYONE for helping me come out on a mission. This is amazing. I am right where I need to be. Portales is going to be amazing and I can do ALL things through Christ, who strengthens me. 
Love y'all,

Sister Kynaston

Here are some other small emails that she sent to me:

1801 N Ave K, Portales, NM 88130 (new address)


*(regarding new companion) Her name is Sister Bushnell, and I am finishing her training. I've never met her. Hermana Donis served in Portales for 4 transfers (7ish months) and she LOVED IT! Totally spanish, tiny little branch. She says New Mexico is so different from Texas, but it's awesome. There is so much work to do there so i am so excited, just so heartbroken to leave my home and family and Irene and Sister Donis

*Mom I wish you could chat with me. Today has been better than the other two weeks. But still poopy. I love you so much Mommy. You take such good care of me. You've given me everything. And now you are taking care of my family! WOW best gift. 
I want to also let you know that I am learning to just be so happy with who I am. I love the person i am becoming. I am so beautiful and a blessed daughter of our Father. 
i love you and dad. I love love Amanda and her hubby. I love Sophie so deeply. I love Hannah! AH! I love Graham and love seeing him grow. I love Jonas. I love Isaac. I love Emmett. I love my boys. I LOVE my sisters. I love our family. 

*(regarding her Companion, Sister Donis)  Mom, I want to introduce you to my best friend in the entire world. Her name is Hermana Donis. She is the funniest person alive, so sweet and understanding, a stellar missionary, a naca thug gangster, and the most amazing human alive. Yesterday at a members house, Anita made the comment that of ALL the missionaries she has ever met and worked with, she has never seen companions that get along and love each other as much as we love each other. She means the entire world to me. I will love her forever and ever and am so grateful for everything she taught me. This has been the most amazing transfer because of her. I love my mission because of her. I love Borger because of her. Irene was baptized because of her. 

*They have this CRAZy mice problem in their house and they only use those sticky traps so during lessons we just watch all these mice get stuck and it's NAST! Irene had to go to the hospital because of pains she was having in her belly (she's okay)

I will have to add pictures later.  She sent a ton and they are adorable.

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