Thursday, February 18, 2016

Naca New Mexico

I have arrived! Tuesday was a looong day of driving, but I finally made it to my new area and I am so pumped to be here! My cute new companion is named Hermana Bushnell and she has been out for about 2 1/2 months. She is from St George, Utah, and just so darling. Her trainer was really really tough, so up to this point she has had 0 fun on her mission and just feels sad all the time. From the first hour we were companions though, I have just loved the crap out of her and we have been having so much fun. We are serving in a heavily Spanish area with a Spanish branch, and we both know only a little Spanish, it's been so hilarious. But miracles are going to happen with our language. I testify that the Gift of Tongues is real and working in us. We have been working so hard. 
Guess who was asked to give a talk at the Branch on Sunday? Me. I was. I don't even remember what I said, i was so nervous. The people here just get so happy when they see ANYONE who is trying to learn their language. So they were all pretty touched, it was beautiful! :) 
Portales was Sister Donis's first area and she made SUCH an impact here. The people here just LOVE her! She gave me so many letters to hand out to people and each one of them tells them to take such good care of me and to love me, haha. That goes a really long way coming from her. I feel to blessed to have served with her. I love her 
Everybody reeeaallllyyyy hated the last Sister Missionary who was here, so they are so so glad to have a change of sisters here. Everyone has been so welcoming and loving. They also have this theory that if you eat chile and habenors, you will learn to be fluent in Spanish. So needless to say, this had been a very SPICY couple of days being fed by people. 
We also got a phone call from President Heap a few days back telling us that we were now in charge of the Branch, Ward and YSA! We are SO sos so so so SO o sos os busy. But it is really great. Have you ever been to 6 hours of church before? I have!
We both feel like we are starting from the very beginning because we have to pick up after the last Sister who was here, ugh. I really think i can make a difference here though, I am really excited. 
I miss Irene so terribly and think about her and her girls often. I can't wait for the day that I get to see her again. 
Sister Bushnell and I started running again! I am so sore. But hardly any of my clothes fit me, so it's about time... I am actually totally fine with gaining weight though, because it shows how hard I have worked to serve and love the people here, by eating all of their food they give me. I am proud of that!  
There is an AMAZING family here, named the Pedroza's. They are so wonderful. We met with them like the second day I was here and it was like walking into our home. They have just embraced us with open arms and have worked REALLY hard to instill in our minds that their home is OUR home. We are ALWAYS welcome. They really would do anything for us. i love them. They made us the best gorditas last night. YUMMY! I find myself at home every day eating rice, beans and salsa, and tortillas. I don't even know how that happened.. 
I love you all so so so much. Heavenly Father has so much he wants me to learn here and I am working so hard to learn it and share my talents. 
Please send me letters and cash. 
p.s. there are SO many dogs here. Everywhere. We wake up every morning to like 3 or 4 dogs sleeping on our porch.

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