Tuesday, March 29, 2016

7 months and 70 pounds later

Querida Family y Amigos, 

How are you all doing? If you are on this email chain, you know that you are the best of the best. So congrats to each one of you. 
Saturday was a special day (and not just because we got ready for Sunday). I hit my 7 month mark and we got transfer calls! Both Hna B and I were so so nervous so we just did sit ups until the call came, lol. Sister Bushnell got her call first and when they said she was going to Borger, TX to be with Hna Donis, i just lost it. I was crying SO HARD I couldn't even talk to hear my call. I was so happy for her. She is going to LOVE it there. She is going straight into the arms of my Irene and my Hermana Donis. The Lord loves her. They told my that I would be staying and my new compa was coming from her training area of Alpine Texas and was from the Dominican Republic. Her nae is Hermana Castro. I sobbed out a reply and hung up and Hna B and I just hugged each other and ccrriieeddddddd. It is so hard to keep saying goodbyes. That's the worst part about Missions. But the spirit was so strong because these calls are what the LORD wants and it feels so right. I am SO excited to show Han Castro around Portales and go out and WORK! 
Sister Bushnell and I have have gotten to know each other so well in these 7 weeks. I talk to her in all my weird voices and she talks back to me in a Stitch voice. In Relief Society, they where talking about how someone's family motto was "it will all work out" and then she asked, does anyone else's family have their own motto? And Sister Bushnell leans over to me and whispers "Kynaston's don't take dares". HAHahahah. She is so sharp, I am going to miss her.
My talk in the Spanish Branch went really really well. I was SO SO nervous before hand and I stayed up all night tossing and turning, repeating Spanish vocab in my head.. But I prepared well, and when I got up to the pulpit, my mind was clear and the Lord blessed me with the gift of tongues and the spirit was so strong. I was able to speak what was in my mind and my heart and I talked about the Savior and shared scriptures. I really love the Branch. I am so glad I am staying with them.
I am so grateful for all the opportunities the Lord gives me to improve. If He didn't care about me, he wouldn't care about giving me trials to overcome and I just wouldn't ever progress. But he is behind me and is pushing me along my mission, even when i am crying and upset and have given up, He keeps pushing, haha. I am so grateful for that. He knows the end destination and can't wait to get us there. Trust in His perfect timing. that is probably the hardest thing, but the most rewarding. Keep moving forward! Seguir adelante! 
Hermana Kynaston

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