Monday, March 21, 2016

Pascua poo

Herro Family and fwends. I love you guys! I hope you have been having a wonderful week! :) My week has been preeetttyyyy dumb. 
First off, we were walking home one day and we went through this other street so we could say hi to our investigator, JJ, but we saw all these cop cars and fire trucks and stuff around it, and we see his home just burned to a crisp. And we like run up and are like, "Is the person who lives here okay!?" and they are like, "we cant talk about it, be on your way" And we are like "We know him though!!!" And this detective guy (who looks 15) comes up and is like Oh you know him? I am going to need to see your ID's. So then they ask us all these questions for like 45 minutes and it was really creepy and they went through our planners to see all the days we had seen him, it was so annoying. Then a member in the branch texts us late that night and says she saw on the news that they had found 2 bodies in the house that were taken in for an autopsy. Next day they said that the bodies had been shot and killed and that their house was burned to hide the murder or something like that. So Hna B and I have been so freaked out and sad these passed couple of days. North side of Portales is known for being really sketchy and that's our area, lovely.  
A lot has happened this week. i don't really feel like writing all about everything so I will just give you a few points of stuff:
I have really missed Pier 49 this week so I make Hermana Bushnell roleplay and pretend to call in orders and I pretend to answer and tell her all about our specials, hahah. So duuumb 
We had to go to Lubbock for some dumb mission thing that lastest 30 minutes. Total waste of miles. But we had an awesome road trip! We just sang our lungs out to Vocal Point (family: BUY THE CD Vocal Point Lead Kindly Light) and we took some awesome pictures, i will send you them :)
Since it is spring, all of the animals that live by us are having babies! I guess that happens in the Spring? But it is so cuuuuuute! Kathy has a baby horse now and there are baby kitties and baby lambs and baby llamas and baby rams and baby spiders and baby humans. S'cute
I have to speak next Sunday in the Branch and I am like what's the topic and he's like missionary work. And I am like uh on Easter Sunday? And he's like, uhh yeah. Missionary work and Jesus. HAhaha.. Pray for me.. 
We were invited to a Catholic Service (in Spanish) on Saturday.
We went knocking yesterday and found the most wonderful family!!! The mother is named Mari and she has 7 boys!!! She's like Irene but reversed. She invited us in and we taught about the Plan of Salvation and she had so many good questions. Then she invited us for dinner on Wednesday and is going to teach us how to make tortillas! HURRAY!!!!
I love you all. And I am tired, So i am ending this email.
Sister Kynaston

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